Chamber Groups

In addition to the large ensembles, there are a number of small chamber ensembles such as string quartets, wind and brass groups that rehearse in preparation for performances at small concerts at venues such as The Richard Attenborough Centre, and new Walk Museum as well as other venues by invitation. The smaller ensembles also take part in the main concerts as well as taking part in the Music Centre weekday evening recitals several times a term.  These groups offer the opportunity for musicians to extend their musicality through close communication with other players. Membership of an ensemble is by invitation and is offered to those who show commitment to their playing and the main orchestras.

Brass Group

Soar Valley Music Centre Brass Group currently consists of 7 members but can adapt as an ensemble of any size! A long term target of the brass group is to have enough members to operate as a brass band (but inclusive of French Horns). The brass group rehearses weekly and has a manageable schedule of events throughout the year – being at its busiest during Christmas. The group can cater for any brass musician, at any grade, but expects high levels of musicality and musicianship.

Woodwind Ensemble

In support of its orchestral work, the Music Centre also runs a number of smaller woodwind ensembles, catering for students of all abilities. The ensembles are rehearsed by a team of specialist tutors and enable students to develop confidence in their playing and awareness of their role within a smaller group. Each ensemble performs at a variety of concerts, recitals and special events throughout the year.

Junior String Ensemble

The Junior ensemble is led by Pam Hiscox, and the aim is to learn to play in an ensemble, and understand the role of your instrument within the ensemble. The group perform regularly at our ensemble concerts, which take place each term.

Senior String Quartet

The Senior Quartet is coached by Bob Davey, and undertakes performances both at ensemble concerts, and also more notable events such as the Annual Performance at St James the Greater. They also perform at weddings.